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Scheduling a Consultation 

For Scheduling Call 541-780-3726


Can I speak to an attorney? 

All of our appointments with an attorney start with a consultation so that the attorney can do an assessment and let you know what is best for you.

The price for the consultation is a reduced rate of $150.00 which is paid 24 hours in advance of the consultation time. The consultation is set for up to one hour. You may cancel or reschedule your consultation at any time. For Elder Law, you may choose an in-person appointment, by phone, or by Zoom. For family law, you may select by phone or zoom


Why do I need a consultation?

Clients may know the type of law they will need or may have an idea of the type of documents they want to be created however, sitting down with a licensed attorney will ensure you arrive at the best plan for your situation now and in the long term. 


How to schedule your consultation?

To schedule a consultation you will speak with Laura our scheduling specialist. Laura will collect general information such as name, phone number, email, and mailing address. Depending on the type of law you need, there will be more initial information required. For probate, some questions you will need to answer will be, who passed away, did they pass with a will, and who will inherit? For family law, you will need to provide the name of the opposing party, information about your children, and more. These details will help the attorney to address your needs better.


Before the consultation we need the following:

  • Payment for the consultation 

  • A copy of your photo ID or driver's license for all who attend the meeting. (This is needed so that the attorney can be sure of whom he is speaking with and to check for conflicts of interest. Please let us know if your address and phone number will be safe for contact. 

  • A signed privacy statement

  • If you bring someone to the consultation you will sign a confidentiality statement. (Your information is stored on our secure server.) 

How to pay for the consultation and upload documents?

Our system will send a link to a secure payment page to your email. You can use the link, pay with Laura by phone, or stop by our office. In the office, we take cash, check, e-check, credit, or debit. You will also receive a privacy statement to sign and return. You can upload it with a photo of your ID to our portal or email it to


What is a conflict check?

Law firms have rules they must abide by. A conflict check will be done before scheduling to make sure there is not a conflict for our office. If there is a conflict for our office you will Be told that there is a conflict but ethical rules prohibit us from giving out the details of the particular conflict.

How to hire an attorney?

After the consultation, you can then decide to hire an attorney to act on your behalf and complete the plan you created or to do part of the plan. To do this you will sign a retainer agreement and pay the agreed-upon retainer amount. After both have been returned the attorney will go to work creating a draft of documents for you to look over. You may choose to have your drafts emailed or mailed. Once the drafts are approved you will then sign your documents and be provided with the originals. 


Can the attorney take my case?

The attorney will assess your law needs before and during the consultation. After the consultation; The attorney will be able to ascertain whether representation is appropriate, there are times when the attorney will not be able to represent you such as when a conflict arises.

What does my law service cost?

The total cost of legal services varies by each unique case and will be discussed at the consultation.







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