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Conservatorship Attorneys in Gresham

At Good Advice Law, we have been helping people establish conservatorships and guardianships in Gresham since 2001. With decades of combined experience, our attorneys are extremely familiar with the requirements of these arrangements and know how to effectively guide you through the process. With our help, you will be equipped with the tools and resources needed to protect the incapacitated adult or minor child in your life.

Conservatorship Vs a Guardianship

Though conservatorships and guardianships are similar, they offer solutions for different issues. A guardianship allows you to make personal and healthcare-related decisions for an incapacitated adult while a conservatorship grants you the right to manage a financially incapable person’s money, property, and finances.

Conservatorships are often granted to help protect people who make bad investment decisions, who have fallen victim to financial scams, or who fail to pay their bills. Guardianships are established for people who have been deemed incapable of making or communicating decisions regarding their basic health and safety.

The Process of Appointing a Guardian or Conservator

The processes of establishing guardianships and conservatorships are very similar. Our attorneys can help you file a petition with the court for whichever arrangement you are seeking. Your petition must include evidence showing that the prospective ward needs your care. In some cases, you can request both guardianship and conservatorship.

Once it has been filed, your petition will be copied and mailed to the respondent, their close relatives, and other certain people or agencies. Any party that receives a copy can object to the request for the arrangement.

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The Judge

In guardianship cases, the judge will appoint a court visitor to interview all involved parties and write a report for the court. Conservatorship cases do not require this court visitor step. The judge will generally approve the appointment request if there are no objections or other issues indicating the arrangement is not in the respondent’s best interests.

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