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Gresham Attorney For Legal Seperation

You may wonder if legal separation is right for you. This may be a good choice if something needs to change but you are not ready for divorce yet. The attorneys at Good Advice Law have extensive experience guiding clients through these types of family law matters. Whether you are concerned about child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, or simply have questions regarding the legal process itself, do not hesitate to contact our Gresham divorce, law attorneys.

Before Rushing to Divorce


Before rushing into a divorce that you may later regret, consider a legal separation first. Legal separation is an alternative that maintains your legal marriage but allows you and your spouse to live separately. Many couples choose legal separation for legal, financial, religious, or social reasons. Our legal separation attorneys in Gresham can help you navigate the process and achieve your goals in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

When you establish a legal separation, you and your spouse enter a binding agreement allowing you to live apart for at least a year or indefinitely. You can later convert the separation to a divorce if you wish.


Legal Separation?


In Oregon, it is possible to file your petition and finalize your divorce within a few days after it is filed if your spouse agrees. As a general rule, uncontested divorces take several weeks to a month or two to process. The court established a timeline where it expects a contested divorce to be finished in no more than appropriately 12 months in most cases.

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The Process


A divorce trial is where each party, with or without an attorney, presents relevant information to a circuit court judge. The judge, based on the information presented to him or her, will apply the statutes and other court decisions to arrive at a resolution. In most cases, the judge’s decision is the final resolution of the matters presented. If your spouse has an attorney and you do not, you will be expected to follow the court rules and present evidence to support your position. The judges in Oregon Court are well-trained in family law and will make a decision regarding your children or other family issues to the best of their ability. However, it would be unreasonable to expect them to understand your concerns after years of marriage and your individual circumstances without providing them with a great deal of information to make this decision. This may entail hours of trial which incurs the cost for hours of attorney time and your time. This can be expensive and time-consuming and not provide you with the results you expect.

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